Our own laboratory production

We are not a pharmacy kiosk, which only purchases and sells ready-to-use drugs, and perhaps even labels foreign drugs with its own name and hence deceives its customers.

Because of our many years of studies at universities together with our knowledge and many years of experience in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, the pharmacist is a specialist in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. And in addition, we are ideally equipped with machines for manufacturing various different dosage forms such as

  • ointments, creams, emulsions, emulgels,
  • tablets, effervescent tablets, lozenges,
  • capsules,
  • powder,
  • suspensions,
  • suppositories etc.

We test the starting substances in advance for their authenticity and purity both photogrammetrically and by melting-point analysis.

Prescription-free drugs are manufactured  by the pharmaceutical industry, in terms of composition and dosage, such that they can be advertised on TV and in the press. These "pharmaceuticals" can then be offered at as many points of sale as possible (e.g. drugstores, etc.). Hence high sales figures are achieved or, in other words, sales figures and profits are optimised. Pharmaceuticals produced in such a sales-oriented manner may, however, lack the optimum effect.

What is the difference between a drug for which advertising is allowed and a proprietary product?

We pharmacists do not publicly advertise our proprietary products. We have no interest in such purely commercial aspects. Our proprietary products are geared exclusively towards the optimum drug effect, both in the choice as well as in the dosage of the drug substances used and can hence not be equated with advertised drugs.